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Tips on How to Easily Become a Paid Travel Writer

Travel companies constantly look for people who can give them quality articles on places their clients can visit and things they can do. You can develop and earn a nice income as a travel writer if you can manage to produce such high-quality and informative travel pieces for them.


Tips-on-How-to-Easily-Become-a-Paid-Travel-Writer1Traveling is definitely the most preferred leisure activity for people around the world. It is very common to find people planning their holiday vacations and/or their activities during their annual leaves. They will usually seek advice and information about places they want to travel to. It is the travel companies that provide them this information. The company with complete and precise information is more likely to get good business.

As a ‘newbie’ travel writer, it is not really easy to sell your articles to travel companies. However, with the right approach, you are more likely to become their preferred writer. And here are some of the factors that you need to be aware of, in order to become a successful travel writer.


As a Travel Writer: Know the Places Well Yourself

This is a profession where you cannot afford to make a mistake. A single bit of wrong or inaccurate information can have a direct impact on the business of a travel company and, ultimately, it can cost you your travel writer career as well. So before you write about any place, you got to make sure you know the city, state or country well. It is always a good idea that you travel to that place and explore before you can write about it. You can still do an extensive research about the place with the help of travel books and internet. But nothing can help you to be creative and informative than getting to know the place yourself personally. If you are a beginner then it is best to start with the very city you live in. Since you would already be knowledgeable about places around the city, this would easily give you a head start.


Continually Refresh and Upgrade your Knowledge as a Travel Writer

If you are choosing to write about your own city or state, make sure that you explore the place again. This will give you an idea what has changed and what new has been added to the city that can attract travelers. For a travel writer, it is important that you see things from a travelers perspective. Just put yourself in a place of a ‘new’ traveler and list down the things that you would want to see or do when you visit a new place. This will help you identify places of interest you can see and activities that you can enjoy while in your city. So re-visiting your local city before you start writing about it can help you write more precisely.

Historic and Interesting Highlights About the City

The best way to start writing about a place is by mentioning a brief history of the city and how it got its name. Every city is unique in its own way and there is always something that differentiates one city from the other. So make sure to list the places, events and things that make your city unique. Highlight the key attractions that draw travelers from around the world. List the places that they can enjoy visiting both inside and around your city. Also makes sure to write about the history of each of those spots and why they are worth visiting. Remember, when you are a travel writer writing about a place, it ultimately narrows down to the reasons why people should visit. So make sure to give them plenty (but genuine) reasons why the city can be so special for visitors.

Use Categories of Places to Organize Your Writings

When it comes to being a successful travel writer, you should always make a list of places for each category from a traveler’s perspective. The main categories travelers are interested in getting information on are: shopping, eating, night-life, present and future events, entertainment, lakes/rivers (if any), places for kids, historical monuments, heritage centers, etc. So once you identify the categories relevant to the city, start listing the places. One rule you must stick to is, do not list duplicate places; that is, no two places should have same things in common. Be as unique and creative as possible here. For example; when you are listing good places to eat, make sure each place has a different cuisine or something new for travelers to try. Do make a list of places to eat that cover both options. 1. where they can enjoy traditional and local food of the region and 2. where they can enjoy their home food as well. Some travelers still want to stick to food of their own country and it would be helpful if you can list different cuisines of the world available in the city.

Culture, Tradition, and Lifestyle

Every city has its own culture and traditions that people follow. Make sure that as a travel writer you cover the local language, festivals, celebrations, events, etc. Talk about popular celebrities in the city and the sports that people play here the most. It helps visitors in understanding the people of that city, especially when they are interacting with locals. List some of the do’s and don’ts which can help the travelers stay out of trouble. Talk about the lifestyle of the locals which can give visitors an idea of what it is like being in the city for a while. Based on such information, travel companies can guide their customers more effectively in planning their trip.


Do your Research on Other Travel Writers

There will be plenty of travel writing articles about the city you are going to write about. Do as much research as possible to find out what each article talks about. This will help you be more creative and unique than the rest. And when you write something that is new and uncommon, it is more likely to peak a travel company’s interest. The research can help you with additional information and with learning about places that you may not be aware of yourself. You can also figure out how you can describe a place or an event in your city differently than the other writers. Refer to catalogs of travel companies and see how they put across the information about your city. This will give you an idea about different formats that you can use while travel writing.

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