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Boost Your Income With Holiday Videos That Stand Out

The joy of the holidays are often created in magical moments like a kiss under the mistletoe, a family recipe handed down and served at Thanksgiving dinner or the missing-toothed smile of a kid taking in the wide-eyed excitement of Independence Day fireworks. Wouldn’t it be nice if those moments could be captured and monetized? Well, with advancements in technology special holiday moments committed to memory can now help boost your income with holiday videos. The best photos and videos are sure to earn the most money.



Invest In Your Equipment

So, first things first, make sure you invest in equipment and software that will produce high-quality footage. Photos and videos taken in high definition are more likely to catch attention. Use software programs and filters that buffer out flaws and brighten colors. Photoshop is one program that allows users to enhance the quality of images. There are also great programs that can take your photos and make them into videos. Software that helps you turn your film into memorable holiday videos is also available.


Be Creative

You should not just sit and wait for clients to come to you to make money with holiday videos and photos. Be Pro-Active: Show up at invited events with your camera in hand. Capture interactions that would normally go unnoticed. People love to see themselves in a picture and on film, so get those moments that express authentic excitement, surprise, and joy. Just a word of advice, be sure to get everyone’s permission before filming. Once you’ve completed edits and other tricks to create a clean and finished product, present it as part of your marketing for future jobs.


Start Working On Your Client Base

Let friends and family know that you’re trying to make money with holiday videos, and ask for referrals. Start with your immediate circle of family and friends but don’t limit yourself there. Be the person that everyone counts on to show up at the office Christmas party, church picnic or family reunion with camera in hand. In most cases it doesn’t have to be your family, remember being unlimited is the key!

Offer Your Work at Affordable Prices

Shop around and compare the prices of other photographers. If you’re offering quality products at a reasonable rate, you’ll stand a better chance of beating out the competition and winning the job. Give your customers something that they may not be able to get from the competition, whether it be the convenience of a mobile photographer, extra props or a free refrigerator magnet. It will help you to stand out and make money with holiday videos.

Consistency is key!

If customers you’ve built rapport with know that your services are available during those special times of the year, they will count on you to be the one to capture their golden moments. People like familiarity, so cozy up to clients, get to know their names and what’s important to them. They will appreciate you for that, remember it’s about making money with holiday videos, and the holidays may only come ’round once a year, so make the most of your time!


Grow Your Business

Now that you have clients and some good footage, it’s time to build a website. Take your work to the web and show the world what you’re capable of. By expanding your resources you’ll also increase your client base. An increase in clients is an opportunity to make more money with holiday videos.

The awesome thing about holidays is that they don’t all fall at once in the same place at the same time, For example, while the United States celebrates its day of Independence the rest of world looks on. Canada’s boxing day is as much of a holiday as the Spring Festivals in China. So, grab your passport and consider making money with holiday videos on location in foreign destinations.



Here are some important tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to make money with holiday videos;

1. Invest in quality equipment. Good equipment equals good quality products.

2. Create a name for yourself, ask for referrals and offer your best work for a competitive fee.

3. Don’t limit yourself. Some of your better-paying clients will probably come from outside of your comfort zone.

4. Be consistent. Customers buy from people they trust. Become trustworthy be being familiar.

5. Break out of your comfort zone! Offering your services in different locations will expand your opportunity to make money with holiday videos.


Happy “Profitable” Holidays!

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